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22, 29 Sept; 06, 13 & 20 Oct

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Classic Canada & New England

05 Oct

Classic Canada & New England

25 Sep & 16 Oct

Canada & Colonial America

26 Oct

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Also known as "Persia", is an Islamic republic on the Persian (Arabian) Gulf with historical sites dating to the Persian Empire. Extensive marble ruins mark Persepolis. The modern capital, Tehran, is home to opulent Golestan Palace.


The Baltic states, also known as the Baltic countries, bounded on the north & west by the Baltic sea. A former Soviet Union that are amongst the first to declare independence in 1990. Discover it's long history & diverse culture between the Countries of Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania.


The Mediterranean countries are those Twenty sovereign countries in Southern Europe in addition to two island nations completely located in it (Malta and Cyprus).The Maltese Islands of Malta and Gozo were a prominent Game of Thrones filming location in Season 1.


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