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Canada & New England

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Classic Canada & New England

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Classic Canada & New England

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Canada & Colonial America

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East Africa

Few travel experiences compare to encountering the legendary wildlife of the Serengeti and Masai Mara alongside expert naturalists. Explore incredible national parks and stay at beautifully outfitted safari lodges and camps. Experience the East African savannah with all five senses as you search for the “Big Five.”


Welcome to Central America with cerulean seas and verdant forests, magnificent Maya ruins and smoking volcanoes, Central America is like a tropical fairy tale – except all of it's true.


India sets the perfect example of Unity in Diversity with its varied culture, customs, religions and traditions. India is a kaleidoscope of landscapes, misty mountain retreats and much more. Home to stunning natural wonders, exotic wildlife and glorious heritage, India is blessed with plenty of options for tourism. With a myriad of destinations and attractions, India is a land that deserves to get explored.

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