Baltic Highlights

Duration: 14 Nights

Travel Period: Travel Period

Promo Period: Promo Period

Black-out Period: Black-out Period

Min. # of Person Min. # of Person

Price as low as:
$ 1,759


•• Visa required for Philippine passport holder

•• Holders of Canada/US/HKG SAR passport – No visa required
•• Non-Refundable USD 500 deposit upon sign-in (cancellation due to Visa Refusal will get USD 250 refund on deposit)

•• Payment of visa fees & travel insurance are required upon filing of visa (Non-Refundable if visa refused by the embassy)

•• Travel Insurance is a MUST for all passports

•• Full payment upon completion/ release of visa

•• Passport should be valid for 6 mos. at the time of intended travel


(1)Original Latest Passport, All Old Passport,

(2)2pcs Picture white background (passport-size),

(3)if EMPLOYED-Certificate of Employment ith approved leave of absence , if SELF-EMPLOYED-SEC Registration with updated G.I.S. or DTI with Business Permit,

(4)Latest Income Tax Return,

(5)Original Bank Certificate,

(6)Bank Statement (6Mos) or Bankbook (all pages),

(7)if MINORAffidavit of Support/NSO Birth Certificate/Certificate of Enrolment/School ID,

(8)NSO Marriage Contract if applicable,

(9)Travel Insurance,


No itinerary

Interior from

USD 1,759.00

Oceanview from

USD 2,459.00

Add-ons per pax:



USD 490.00


USD 239.00


No includes
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